Hunting Summit 2019

October 09, 2019

The Hunting Summit 2019 took place in the heart of the Tuscan countryside from June 28-30, and tackled the following topic: „Beyond Ballistics - Shooting Under Stress“.

The idea of the Hunting Summit 2019 was to create a platform for a selected group of international hunters that allowed an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and opinions. We had an interesting group of media experts, professionals, and specialists from related elds there. We mannaged to get your hands on the latest gear from top hunting brands, and enyoied great local food.


On Friday, we had a get-together followed by the technical briefng of the new Z8i 3,5-28x50 P the new scope presented by sawrovski on their 70th anniversary and an introduction to ballistic theory, which formed the basis of our activities at the shooting range. A traditional Tuscan dinner at our Hotel Antica Tabaccaia completed the rest of the day.

On Saturday, we whent to the impressive 650 m long shooting range, situated between the Tuscan hills. We spend the day diving into practical ballistics and testing the latest gear by SWAROVSKI OPTIK, NORMA with their new lonng range bullet the bond strike, SITKA with an inside to the long and extended system and to the Optidade technology, and STEYR.


Between the product tests, we had plenty of time for discussion. Through active exchanges and workshops with Lucas Hofer and Philipp Zerfass, we where able to elaborate on interesting topics like the psychological aspects of hunting, shooting under stress, equipment versus the human element,.


Lukas Hofer Olympic medalist Lukas Hofer was born into a family of sportspeople in South Tyrol, Italy. With his parents and sisters very much engaged in cross-country skiing and biathlon, he realized that becoming a profes- sional athlete was his calling at a young age. Since then, he has been training relentlessly to push his limits and hone his skills ever more. Medals won both in the World Cup as well as in the Olympic Games are proof to his talent, dedication, and willpower. This honest biathlete and passionate paraglider shares his insights into shoo- ting under stress.


Philipp Zerfass Born and raised in a deeply rooted hunting family it wasn‘t surprising that Philip ́s father introduced him to hunting and save gun handling at a very young age. At 16 years old he took his German hunting license and has been very actively hunting all over Europe and North America ever since. Upon his return home after 5 years of Dental school in Latvia, he started actively competing in combined game shooting in 2016. A continous improvement of his performance as well as three consecutive titles as the junior state champion of Rhineland-Palatinate keeps him motivated to pursuit his goals on national level.

On Sunday morning, we had a chance to implement everything that you’ve learned in a nal shooting competition, which started with a 200m sprint followed by three consecutive shots at 210m, 310m and 430m, where the South African Pieter Malan came first despite the relentles heat, followed by Darren Phizacklea and Ulf Lindroth.



Guillermo Ruiz Alvarez (Bowland Team)

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